Computer Troubleshooting Services in Geneva

Computer Troubleshooting Services in Geneva

The functionality and the efficiency of the IT infrastructure has a direct impact on the operations of a business organization. Faulty hardware or a software glitch can cause several problems that can impact the computer performance and ultimately result in a computer outage. This can be a very stressful consequence. Our Computer Troubleshooting Services for businesses and organizations are here to help!

Experiencing software and hardware glitches?
Or A Computer Outage?

We’re here to help you. With an excellent support system and technicians, we provide the best IT Troubleshooting services for business organizations.

Why Troubleshooting Is Very Essential for your company?

During the event of a computer outage, the daily operations of a business come to a halt which can result in disastrous consequences, like loss of productivity and revenue.

Hence, if you notice changes in the performance of your computer systems like- not turning on promptly or not providing access to data, then it means that the systems need troubleshooting.

Depending upon the degree and the urgency of the issue, we provide solutions either remotely or on-site to ensure that the issue gets resolved without causing severe damage to your operations and productivity.


We have a team of experienced and professional technicians on board who will provide guaranteed support within 2 hours of the reported emergency. They will quickly identify the problem and resolve it without further delay.

Objective: To resolve emergency issues that need ground support. We understand the importance of time for your business. So, no second is lost for solving a major glitch.

Remote Service:

We employ the TeamViewer software to respond to your issues. Under your authorization, we take control of your systems to detect the problem and resolve or quickly.

Objective: To ensure that certain issues are resolved most simply and efficiently possible. All of them don’t need us to be there. So, we make sure that they are solved in a jiffy through remote access.

Why Choose Us for Troubleshooting your IT Systems?

We provide IT assistance and support to small and medium-sized businesses like yours, and we have a unique approach that meets your needs.

  • Collaborative Working

    We work in collaboration with the IT personnel in your organization, and we make sure that there aren’t any gaps in communication while trying to detect the issue and resolve or both remotely and on-site.

  • Prompt Crisis Handling Solutions

    We undersold the crucial nature of the time factor. Hence, our goal is to ensure that your systems start functioning with 100% performance and speed at the earliest. Both our on-site and remote teams work in that direction.

  • Experienced Team

    With years of expertise in this field, we have one of the best industry experts on board with us. So, we bring nothing less than perfect to the table while providing troubleshooting services.

Explore our services packages

Basic Essential Packages

Price per month and per user

20 CHF

  • Cleaning, driver updates, daily tea, Optimization
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Preventive Strategies
  • Priority Resolution in case of issues.

The Premium Comfort Package

Price per month and per user

40 CHF

  • Inclusive of all services under Basic Essentials Package
  • E-mail Management Services
  • 1 Hour Priority Remote Assistance
  • Preventive and Curative Assistance

Why Choose Our
IT Troubleshooting Services?

Faster solutions, expert on-site and remote assistance, responsive services, and reachable support-all of these are the reasons why we are the best IT Troubleshooting Service team in Geneva.


Very good and professional service! Fast and quality repair, with lots of advice. Reasonable price. A person who knows his job very well.

Zamarripa Kleeberuo

Emergency intervention in the evening to repair a PC that was no longer working. Thank you for your availability and your efficiency. 5 stars is too little, you deserve 10!

Anne-Sophie Kupper

Efficient, fast, accommodating and friendly everything I needed to not feel like a loser and solve my problem. A big thank you for his professionalism.

Bts Army forever

Friendly technician who knew how to inform me while putting my PC back in working order. I congratulate and recommend this computer specialist from Geneva.

Karen Sudo