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Data Recovery Services in Geneva

Facing a hard drive failure or a server crash causing data loss is never an easy situation for a company to deal with. At i4m Services Informatiques Sarl, we offer highly efficient data recovery services dedicated to small and medium businesses in Geneva. Our data recovery specialists work on different types of storage media such as hard drives, USB sticks, servers, memory cards, SSDs, tablets, and all other computer media.

We can help you recover lost or deleted files

Contact us today, and we will help you recover your lost files quickly.

We are a Data Recovery Experts & Service Company

Have you lost your data? Your hard drive is no longer detected? Your files were deleted accidentally?

For a business, losing data can be very inconvenient. Specialist in the recovery of lost data in Geneva for many years, i4m Services Informatiques Sarl offers you the possibility of recovering your data in its entirety.

We recover your data on hard disks, RAID, servers; virtual machines, memory cards, USB keys, smartphones, etc.

Privacy and security

At i4m Computer Services Ltd., we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously. Our data recovery specialists ensure the optimal security of your data.

Data recovery from all types of hardware and systems

Our team is at your disposal to help you recover all your lost or deleted data regardless of the computer medium used.

  • Hard disks

    Our data recovery technicians will help you recover lost files on your hard drive.

  • ssd disks

    We recover lost data from all types of SSD chips. Our technicians are at your disposal and offer you a fast and efficient service.

  • Other

    We recover all lost data on your computer media, regardless of the type of hard drive or USB keys.


Data recovery

Price including VAT

650 CHF

  • Data recovery / transfer from 100.- CHF
  • Data recovery in a Swiss laboratory

Data recovery solutions
dedicated to SMEs in Geneva

Data recovery solutions for SMEs in GenevaI4M offers lost data recovery solutions for companies in Geneva. Data recovery from servers, hard drives, virtual machines, tablets, RAID, memory cards, USB keys, smartphones.


The preventive measures that are curated by the professionals at i4m Services Informatiques Sarl are incredible. They will always be my first choice.

Zamarripa Kleeberuo

It is difficult to find experts who know what they are doing and those who are polite and respectful towards our concerns. i4m Services Informatiques Sarl is the only place where you can find all of them.

Anne-Sophie Kupper

The team is very professional and have collaborated extremely well with our IT Personnel. That’s very important because work cannot be done if we don’t get along with each other well. Grateful to the team at i4m Services Informatiques Sarl for accomplishing that.

Bts Army forever

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Karen Sudo