IT Audit Services
for SMEs in Geneva

Audit services by i4m Services Informatiques Sarl help business organizations to understand the potential technology risks and also about the efficacy of mitigating and controlling the risks. Before any intervention, we carry out a test of the IT resources. Based on the purpose of the business organisation, its functionality, and the risks identified, we develop an optimized strategy to enhance the existing IT infrastructure.

Need to Evaluate the Functionality of Your IT Infrastructure?

We have an incredible team of IT experts and technicians on board with us who will help in enhancing the quality of your IT Structure!

What Happens In The Audit Process

We run a test first to check for issues. The results of the testing vary as per the IT infrastructure of each organization. Hence, the strategies that have to be implemented also differ.

Strategies include the simplification of the IT architecture, enhancing the data security, evaluating the systems which have access to the information of the business, analyzing the cost-effectiveness of the operation and management of the computer systems, calculating the efficacy and flexibility of the computer systems, and so on.

i4m Services Informatiques Sarl provides a wide range of auditing services and we follow a unique approach system while addressing the concerns of a business organization.

Preventive Maintenance

We’ll jell an eye in Your IT systems, ensure that your systems are updated, your data is regularly backed up, and IT licences are proactively managed.

Our Objective: Simple- Prevention is the easy way around. A lot of IT systems issues can be prevented by precise preventive control measures. That’s what we’ll help you with.

Corrective Maintenance

Once issues are detected, we will take active measures to resolve them. Since requirements and concerns vary, we will follow a unique measure to provide the best-suited solutions.

Why Choose i4m Services Informatiques Sarl for Your company IT Audit?

i4m provides a wide range of IT audit services and we follow a unique approach while meeting your needs.

  • Collaborative Working

    We work in collaboration with the IT personnel in your organization, and we make sure that there aren’t any gaps in communication while trying to find innovative and practical solutions to issues concerning your IT resources.

  • Extensive Solutions

    Apart from inspecting Your IT infrastructure and developing ways to make it simpler, more flexible, and economical, we also provide services like the establishment, management, support, and repair of the computer systems in your organization.

  • Experienced Team

    With years of expertise in this field, we have one of the best industry experts on board. So, we bring nothing less than perfect to the table.

Explore our service packages

Basic Essential Package

Per month and per user

20 CHF

  • Cleaning, driver updates, daily tea, Optimization
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Preventive Strategies
  • Priority Resolution in case of issues.

The Premium Comfort Package

Per month and per user

40 CHF

  • Inclusive of all services under Basic Essentials Package
  • E-mail Management Services
  • 1 Hour Priority Remote Assistance
  • Preventive and Curative Assistance

Why Choose Our
IT Support Service?

Faster solutions, expert assistance, responsive services, and reachable support- all of these are reasons why we are the best IT Support Service team out there.


The preventive measures that are curated by the professionals at i4m Services Informatiques Sarl are incredible. They will always be my first choice.

Zamarripa Kleeberuo

It is difficult to find experts who know what they are doing and those who are polite and respectful towards our concerns. i4m Services Informatiques Sarl is the only place where you can find all of them.

Anne-Sophie Kupper

The team is very professional and have collaborated extremely well with our IT Personnel. That’s very important because work cannot be done if we don’t get along with each other well. Grateful to the team at i4m Services Informatiques Sarl for accomplishing that.

Bts Army forever

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